Once you have decided to go ahead with your cosmetic procedure and you have chosen Mr Fattah as your surgeon, you have done everything you can to prepare and the results are up to your surgeon, right? Wrong!! You are important in ensuring you get a great result following your surgery.  The time you spend recovering at home is imperative in achieving your desired result, and here are our tips to help you do so:

  • Follow Mr Fattah’s instructions and don’t bend the rules! If you have been told not to exercise, not to lift children, to avoid certain medications, to quit smoking, among other things, then please follow what have you been told. These instructions have been given to minimise complications, for example smoking can compromise wound healing, certain medications can cause an increased risk of bleeding, exercising or lifting children may impact the appearance of your wound once healed.
  • Make sure you have arranged for someone to transport you home following your surgery, and if Mr Fattah suggests you need someone to help you immediately following surgery, make sure arrangements have been made.
  • Organise your living arrangements in advance, for example having someone stay to help you or look after your children, cook meals and freeze so you don’t need to cook while recovering.
  • Practice patience. It is important to remember that even though most procedures will demonstrate immediate results, the final result may not be clear for months after surgery. Your pain will decrease over time, swelling will diminish, your wounds will heal and scars will become less evident, but you need to be patient.
  • If you have any questions during your recovery please contact us. Don’t sit at home worrying, simply call the hospital where you had your procedure for immediate advice, or contact us for follow up appointments and non-urgent queries.