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Facelift surgery aims to improve the visible signs of facial aging that are due to gravity such as jowls and loose neck skin.  As well as aging, the loss of the youthful appearance of the face can be due to factors including sun damage, thinning of the skin of the face, reduction in facial fat, gravity, smoking, stress and hereditary factors.  The objective of facelift surgery is to create a natural, fresh appearance by tightening the tissues under the skin and removing any unwanted fat.  It can be combined with other surgery including brow lift, eyelid surgery and neck liposuction to achieve a harmonious appearance to the face.

Facelift surgery does not address the fine lines on the skin of the face that are caused by sun damage. It does not aim to change the way your face looks, but rather to give you a fresh appearance.  Facelift surgery will not stop the aging process: it “resets the clock”, but doesn’t stop it ticking!

If you are considering facelift surgery and want more information, please contact us to book an appointment with Mr Fattah.